Hands Of The Wicked by Dale Oliver

Mike Check (yelling): Darlin’ Where are you?!? He’s hungry for his din-din!

Mike’s Daughter (Outside the bathroom door): In a minute Dad I have to use the little girls room!

??? (Inside the bathroom): Tell me once again my motivation?

Mike’s Daughter (Outside the bathroom door): Augh! Fine. I saw how every time my Dad shows his weird TNA collection of Taylor Wilde or Taryn Terrell when you are on Zombie Nathaniel gets scared of you. So I figure I bring you in, you do your little “Winter” thing, you kill Zombie Nathaniel due to “fright” and then he’s gone.

??? (Inside the bathroom): And that would be it for the scene right?

Mike’s Daughter (Outside the bathroom door): Right. Zombie Nathaniel is such a fan that I had to sneak you in through the back door for a surprise. Oh he’ll love it.

*The Bathroom Door opens and what steps out is Katarina Waters, best known to Pro Wrestling Fans as “Winter” from TNA*

Winter: And remember, in exchange for me doing this you said your father has a radio show so I can go on to promote my online web series “Red Light Diaries

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah! Yeah! He has a VERY POPULAR RADIO SHOW & Dad always tells me he know what plays well in his market and you’ll be a hit.

Winter: OK. *Twirls around* Anything showing?

Mike’s Daughter: No your good.

Winter: Thanks. I know this will be the first time I’ll see Zombie Nathaniel in his make-up. Its very lifelike you keep telling me.

Mike’s Daughter: Yes. Very lifelike indeed. Camera’s are rolling so your on now.

*Winter looks confused but heads to the living room*

Zombie Nathaniel: Now let’s play another TNA: Total Non Stop Action theme–BRAINS!

Winter: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. My name is Winter. I’m a great admirer of yours Nathaniel. I’ve waited a long time to meet you. When two people have a bond, it’s the Universe which brings us together. Do you believe in fate?

Zombie Nathaniel: Boy oh Boy, a real life TNA alumni–BRAINS! I really loved you your mystical gimmick in TNA where to brain washed Angelina Love it was better than in WWE where you had a incest–BRAINS–angle with Paul Burchill.

Winter: (*ignores Zombie Nathaniel’s remarks & walks closely to the cage*) I will do anything for you.

(*Zombie Nathaniel whimpers in fear and tries to swipe at Winter with his claws accidentally ripping some parts of her outfit but not actually damaging her*)

Winter (looking at the damage that Zombie Nathaniel caused to her outfit): Whoa! Stop! Cut! CUT! *Looks at Zombie Nathaniel* Is he…?

Mike’s Daughter (coming in to the living room): What? What did I miss? Is the dweeb dead?

Winter: Is this creature a real Zombie?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Uh, well you see…(*before she has a chance to finish her sentence, Winter slaps her in the face and pokes her in the eyes*) Ow! My eyes!


Mike Check: Hey there, I don’t know what my darlin’ did there but don’t hurt my daughter…(*Winter grabs Mike’s nose and punches with the bottom of her fist with the other hand*) Ouch!

Winter: Oooh! Sorry! I didn’t know that you were there. When your life is in danger it was kinda…Your the dad that has the radio show right?

Mike Check: Yup! We’re here at KMCR–THE MACKER! There’s my radio equipment right there. *Mike Check points to the mess that he uses for radio shows. Winter now gets pissed!*

*Winter backhands Mike Check so hard he hits the wall*

Mike’s Daughter (*coming out of temporary blindness*): Hey! I’ll get you for…*Winter grabs Mike’s Daughter and flings her around*

Winter: Brace Yourselves! Winter Is Coming!

*As Winter is about to grab Mike Check & his daughter in what looks like to beat them within an inch of their lives*

We here at “The Mike Check Show” cannot condone such acts of violence that one Katarina Waters, currently playing as “Winter” is currently demonstrating on poor Mike Check and his daughter. Instead of the gruesome violence Miss Waters is doing to them being shown we decided to show a graphical representation of it with the following “Three Stooges” Clip with Miss Waters being represented by Moe from The Stooges and her poor victims as Larry and Curly.

*30 minutes later…*

*Mike Check & his daughter are piled onto each other groaning in pain*

Winter: Well that will teach the both of you to try and hurt people for your own sick pleasures. *Winter grabs Mike’s Daughter’s stripper purse, grabs a fistful of dollar bills, and throws the purse at Mike’s Daughter*

Winter: This will cover my expenses and one more thing! If I hear that your pulling this crap to anyone else again I’ll be back to finish the job! *Winter slams the door as she leaves the Mike Check home*

Mike Check (groaning in pain): OW! I don’t know about you darlin’ but she had hands that felt like the “Hands Of The Wicked” there, let me tell you.

Mike’s Daughter (groaning in pain): Shut up Dad!

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