Enter Sandman by Metallica

Mike’s Daughter: Zombie Nathaniel! I’ve called someone else that will hopefully get rid of you this time and all I needed to do was promise to buy him a six pack of beer. Oh, and did I mention that he “Extremely” hates Zombies so…see you later neeerrrd!

Zombie Nathaniel: Oh yeah–BRAINS?! I don’t think anyone can defeat me with my invincible–BRAINS–zombie powers…what!?!?

[*The Sandman “enters” Mike Checks house*]

Zombie Nathaniel: Oh boy oh boy–Brains! It’s ECW..I mean “EV2.0” original The Sandman–BRAINS! I loved you in TNA, Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, when you wrestled there in 2003 and won the Hard 10 tournament and then when you returned for the Hardcore Justice PPV in 2010–Brains!

Sandman: Eh, so are you a fan of mine kid?

Zombie Nathaniel: Oh boy oh boy–BRAINS! But except for that period in 2006 when you sold out and wrestled for WWE’s watered down version of ECW…or should I call it “WWECW”, he he he *snort*–BRAINS! You should have stayed with TNA, Total Non Stop Action, instead of participating in Gooker worthy story-lines like hitting that jobber dressed as a “Zombie” with a Kendo Stic…

Sandman (*bored with Nathaniel’s rambling and interrupts*) Yeah. Speaking of that…(*gets out his Kendo stick and hits Zombie Nataniel multiple times until he falls and becomes motionless*)

Mike Check: Fascinating. So is that Zombie feller dead there?

Zombie Nathaniel: (*motionless but then awakens for a moment to say a few words*) Aggghhhh! You may have won this war but I will never die–BRAINS–just like Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, I’ll find a way to…

(*Sandman hits Nathaniel one one time and he turns into a lump of sand*)

Sandman: Shut the **** up!

Mike Check: You just turned my pet Zombie into a lump of sand? So is this why they call you “The Sandman”?

Sandman: Uh??? Sure? Why Not? Oh, and old man, make sure to bury that lump of ****. He’ll be gone for good as long as you don’t expose him to any type of liquid, I cannot stress that enough! (*looks over to Mike’s Daughter*) So toots…where’s that damn beer that you promised!?

Mike’s Daughter: Ah here’s one, and I have some more upstairs. You can “Enter your Sandman” and drink them from “my large cans”, if you catch my drift (*winks*).

Sandman: (*takes a look at Mike’s daughter and is disgusted*) I’m hardcore…but not that hardcore! (*drops his can of beer on top of Nathaniel’s remains and runs off*).

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand why that nice man was in such a hurry but…

Zombie Nathaniel (*comes back to life*): I’m back–BRAINS!

Mike’s Daughter: Son of a…!

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