Foxey Lady by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Mike Check: That was “Foxey Lady” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on KMCR and I think that I mentioned several times that Rick’s “This Is Your Life” party for ole Mike was a complete disaster. But one thing that I did appreciate was seeing some old friends that I haven’t seen for years. I was especially very…very…very…very happy to see Suzie Shuffle, the weather girl from my days on “The Bob and Weave Morning Drive”. As my partner Cassius Weave would say; she’s one “Foxey Lady”. And ole Mike to “experience” running into that tight foxhole once again, if you know what I mean?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Please stop it now before you say something even more stupid! Suzie was already really pissed at you for what you said to her last month! I don’t blame her, I react exactly the same whenever I get sexist remarks like that down at my job at the strip…er…anyway, we’re already in huge trouble with Raging Demons as it is!

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. Speaking of Suzie, I don’t understand why she’d be mad when she enjoyed it when ole Mike and her used to “shuffle” every night? It’s not like I got that foxy filly pregnant, since I don’t remember paying child support?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, she seemed to differ before she stormed off? And…(*smells Mike’s breath*) Dad, have you been drinking? Great! All we don’t need now is getting the call from the guy from “Down Under” to close us down.

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there but speaking of going “down under” with Suzie –

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Shut Up! Oh no!


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