It’s My Life by Talk Talk

*phone rings*

Mike Check: KMCR Radio.


Mike Check: I don’t know what you mean.

Mike Check’s Daughter: I got it dad. Hello?

???: Oh god not you! Put me on speaker. NOW!

Mike Check’s Daughter (after she puts the phone on Speaker Mode): Raging Demons you mother-Why are you calling us?!?

Raging_Demons: Why am I calling you? Oh gee I don’t know like…Reports from the Police about exploding C-4 wrestling rings at your home and why is there a report about that lunatic Sheriff Dickwell at your house?!?

Mike Check: Well-you see Raggy David it was from that feller Rick Foley and he brought him here to the home.

Raging_Demons: Rick Foley?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Dad means Mick Foley. Mick came to the home and did this whole “This Is Your Life” show for my dad because he felt guilty for–

Raging_Demons: Ok enough! Dealing with you two has been the most painful and excruciating thing in my life. “Go Find Mike Check! Make him write a column!” he said after threatening me with a damn zombie nerd! I knew this was going to be a bad idea when that damn daughter of yours Mike kidnapped me after dealing with the WWE Locker Room and torturing me.

Mike Check’s Daughter: You lying piece of-

Raging_Demons: Stop right there! The cops caught you in the act and you better thank that ungrateful ass of yours for me clearing the charges and getting your dad to serve the rest of his time under House Arrest! Do I get a thank you? NO! Last year you kidnapped Angry Jim Ross of all people! Do you know the trouble you caused by kidnapping him?!? I had to impersonate Angry Jim thanks to you! I had to cover everything he usually does. His damn BBQ business, the podcasts, I had to do a personal appearance at one of Mick Foley’s damn comedy shows and I nearly got in trouble from WWE due to you two! Luckily I had Bob Caudle to handle Jim’s Twitter account. At least Bob Caudle can do something unlike Hollywood John Tatum and you two!

Mike Check: Listen here part-

Raging_Demons: OH NO! Look. Its my life that I have to take care and keep an eye on you two and don’t even get me going on what you two did to Angry Jim this year. R.V.M Kai’s trying to deal with that now and let me tell you he’s about as pissed as I am.

Mike Check’s Daughter: But we didn’t do anything to Jim this year? Foley was responsible f-

Raging_Demons: The point is from now on I’m keeping a closer eye on the both of you and I SWEAR TO GOD if you two screw up like this there will be consequences for your actions!

*phone click*

Mike Check: That went well.

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