Super Freak by Rick James

Mike’s Daughter: Dad?

Mike Check: Yes Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: I’ve been wondering something. Why weren’t you invited at All In since Raging_Demons put up so much hype about you going?

Mike Check: Probably because I would draw a lot of attention away from the other wrestlers Darlin’. That’s why.

*Phone rings*

Mike Check: Hold on there Darlin’. *picks up phone* KMCR Radio?

Raging_Demons: Boy, your full of yourself there!

Mike’s Daughter: What do you want dingus?

Raging_Demons: I was randomly listening to the show for quality purposes because I don’t know what would your father would say to get us in trouble here at and your WAY further than the truth. First of all Deal and Blade didn’t need you at all Mike. Also if they did need you. Well…

Mike Check: Well what?

Raging_Demons: Cody didn’t want you there.

Mike Check: Who?

Mike’s Daughter: He means Cody Rhodes. What do you mean he didn’t want my Dad there?

Mike Check: Yeah especially since, is his father Dusty Rhodes?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes Dad.

Mike Check: Especially since he did horrible work. His plumbing repair was horrible, I can never get good cuts of meat–

Mike’s Daughter: Those were old horrible WWE comedy scenes.

Mike Check: No there were real. In fact–

Raging_Demons: ANYWAYS! Cody knows a lot about you Mike. Cody mentioned two reasons. One, and he brought up this by name, was how your not family friendly–

Mike Check: I love the families–

Raging_Demons: AHEM! Especially Mike when it comes to kids and he did mention Jake Lloyd Jr.

Mike’s Daughter: That brat is a monster and you know that!

Raging_Demons: And the other reason is that…How can I say this nicely? Mike Check is a Super Freak!

Mike’s Daughter: I think I can understand that one

Mike Check: I do love the fillies!


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