I Put A Spell On You by Bette Midler

Mike’s Daughter: Dad I’ve been thinking. What if black magic can get rid of Zombie Nathaniel? I think it’s going to take a huge pile of it in order to get rid of this. This–

(*Knock at the door*)

Mike’s Daughter (*opens door*): Hello. Are you a Trick or Treater? Because this is a bad time…

The Black Scorpion: No, but did I hear you say that you needed the help of some “Black Magic”?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah, but I was…

Black Scorpion (*to Nathaniel*): Nathaniel, the end for you is coming and now it’s time to terrify you with my Black Magic. Beware Nathaniel! Beware my black magic for I will put a spell on you! See this curtain, I will place this over your cage and make…

Mike Check: Make him disappear?

The Black Scorpion: Er, no. I will turn him into a…leopard!

Mike’s Daughter: No, can you do something else?

The Black Scorpion: Yes, with my black magic I will destroy him by placing his head in this box and making his turn around multiple times!

Zombie Nathaniel: You mean like this? (*makes his own head turn around*)

The Black Scorpion: (*Gasp*) Disgusting! Uh…for my final trick I will now…disappear (*covers himself with a blanket and vanishes*)

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) Well, so much for “putting a spell on you”?

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