Nightmare by Brainbug

Mike’s Daughter: Although I don’t really care for what might be in that box that was sent by Premier Blah, I’m still curious to know what he delivered us?

Mike Check: Well, perhaps it’s a dinosaur? Or a rabbit? Balloons? Or it’s the nude playboy playmate of the month? Who knows? But I hope that it’s the last one?

Mike’s Daughter: Ah? I don’t think so dad? And besides, Playboy don’t do nude pics anymore?

Mike Check: What? That can’t be right?

Mike’s Daughter: It’s true, because I tried to…uh…anyway, I don’t think whatever’s in there can be anything any good (*hears growling from inside he box*) Well, judging by that sound, we can rule out The Gobbledy Gooker?

Mike Check: So you’re saying that there’s no more nude fillies in Playboy? When did this happen? What a nightmare.

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*)


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