You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside by Autograph

*Mike Check’s Daughter plays the video on the USB Drive that was delivered to Mike Check’s door step yesterday. On the video is a message from Premier Blah*

Premier Blah: Hello. My name is Premier Blah and I am the President of the Trolla Corporation and I run as well as the website that you have Mike Check.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Oh no! Not the king nerd!

Premier Blah: I noticed that the past few years Mike you have been somewhat trouble for us. First when you went to London, England to get that reward even though you were under House Arrest and we did help out by employing the cast of Wrestlecrap Radio to work your show for you. Then you had to go to Florida to set up a radio station there. Oh I could have had The Midnight Rose kill you and all but I gave him a good deal. Unfortunately what I didn’t find out how much of a greedy man The Midnight Rose was.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Please don’t remind us of that! We’re still paying bills from it!

Premier Blah: Then that *sigh angrily* whole “This is Your Life” debacle! Do you know how much damage that did and how much I had to PAY FOR?!? Fortunately that led the way to a little discovery. Mike, your daughter has been stealing money from me for years. She’s has been submitting false claims as “expenses” for your little “show”. I don’t like that when people steal from me! So I decided to send you two a little something. Inside the box is your new co-host for this year’s Halloween Hootenanny! But do not open it until…October 8.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Well that’s original…*box starts shuffling* I don’t know who or what beast is in that box, but this can’t be good?

Mike Check: Whatever it is. All I know is that “You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside” and here’s Autograph here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!!

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