Yakety Yak by The Coasters

[*phone rings*]

Mike Check: KMCR Radio, Ole Mike Check here.

Bob Caudle: Would I be able to speak to my boss, at JR’s BBQ, Jim please?

Angry Jim: What the **** do you want now Bob?! Complaining about your **** bad back again?!

Bob Caudle: Well sir, Easter is coming up & my family are expecting…

Angry Jim: Expecting some cash?! You know how to do that…get back to work! And you better pick up the trash & scrub the floor before I get back there!

Bob Caudle: But JIIIIM! You can’t expect me to do all that at my age?!

Angry Jim: F*** yourself! I don’t care if you are 80, you better do what I pay you to do or your *** is fired like that ***** Hollywood John’s!

[*hangs up phone*]

Mike Check: I’m glad you’re not my boss…Wait, how did he know you were here??? Fascinating?

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