Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers by ZZ Top

Mike Check: Well seeing that this is obviously a music related progrem, I want to ask you John…

Angry Jim: I told you, It’s JIM!

Mike Check: Sorry feller. Who’s your favorite band?

Angry Jim: Is that a ****ing trick question! It’s ZZ Top! You know, I used to love the times Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons would sit in the front row at Monday Night Raw, it was the same feeling I get when looking that pictures of Dark Journey on the Internet…but not gay!

Mike Check: Uh, I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there? So…what ZZ Top track would you like us to play? I seem to remember you requesting a few of their songs in the past?

Angry Jim: You remember that but you can’t get a simple ****ing thing like my name right?!

Mike Check: Uh…

Angry Jim: Well when ZZ Top would come backstage, we would Drink Beer and raise Hell! So play “Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers”!

Mike Check: Here it is here on THE WHACKER!

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