Jungle Love by The Time

Fellers, I can’t believe that it’s been almost 4 years since The Mike Check Show has been spinning the hits. So tune in tomorrow, and the rest of April, for our “Four Years Of Whackin” Anniversary month here on…the only time ole Mike is legally able to refer to this show as…THE WHACKER!

And I just want to let you fellers know that I’ll be joined by a special guest and my daughter is back from L.A. and finally told me who he is. He is a man that once worked with ole Mike in the Ithaca market at WTKO: THE KNOCKOUT! That’s right, “Cassius Weave” from “The Bob and Weave Morning Show” will be here joining ole Mike aka “Bob Ali” here on KMCR. And I bet you fellers never would have guessed this little tidbit, but did you know that we took our names came from boxing champion Muhammad Ali who was also previously known as Cassius Clay? Well one of his famous fights was billed as “The Rumble in The Jungle”. And speaking of “Jungle”, since I like to describe Cassius as the “Jerome” to my “Morris Day” here’s their version of “Jungle Love” this “time” here on THE MACKER!


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