Okie From Muskogee by Merle Haggard

Mike Check: Well fellers, ole Mike would like to announce that my special guest for The Mike Check Show’s “Four Years of Whackin” anniversary month is not in fact Cassius Weave, who was my co-host back when I worked in the Ithica market on a station known as WTKO: THE KNOCKOUT!” No, it was my daughter’s April Fool prank, as the kids say these days, to fool ole Mike. But don’t you fellers get “angry” because my actual special guest co-host has just arrived at the KMCR studios a.k.a. THE MACKER! But before he comes in, let me play his theme music. It’s the Oklahoma Sooners fight song, it’s “Boomer Sooner here on…and I am allowed to call the show this during April…THE WHACKER!

Mike Check: Welcome…John?

Angry Jim: Go f*** yourself! It’s Jim…Angry Jim! You son of a *****!

Mike Check: My apologies, Jim. But I keep forgetting your real name since I know you from the old days as Bill when we both worked the Oklahoma market at a radio station K.N.C.R: THE KNOCKER! I was Jake Boomer, you were Bill Sooner and our show was the “Boomer Sooner Crooner Hour”. Those were the days. Remember when we used to break all those “Jezebels”, as you used to say, hearts. Speaking of that, are you still breaking hearts these days Bill…I mean John?…

Angry Jim: It’s JIM! And no! I got married! And my wife hasn’t ****ed me in years! I spend most of my time in the basement rubbing my meat!

Mike Check: Fascinating?

Angry Jim: And right now I’m angry, you wanna know why?

Mike Check: Why?

Angry Jim: Well “A”, I was told that I wouldn’t have to come back to this ****hole after I played Bar-B-Q by ZZ TOP last year. And “B”, it seemed that I was about to get some action from this big-boobed woman in some hotel in L.A. but I was slobberknockered by ninjas, passed out and ended up at this radio station all of a sudden?! Where the **** am I anyway?!

Mike Check: Uh…let’s not worry about that now my ‘Okie’ friend…oh and speaking of ‘Okie’, here’s a song you might be familiar with; it’s “Okie From Muskogee” by Merle Haggard here on THE WHACKER!

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