Fighting My Way Back by Thin Lizzy

Hello this is Mike’s daughter. I knew this was a bad idea! My dad leaves this place in the hands of “guest hosts” for one day and look what happens! But it was a good thing that my dad happened to buy a “Seance-Trolla” at a ‘Yard Sale’ in Indianapolis in July 2012. I was able to use it to resurrect this web-site (Editors Note: I already used it to help the guys at that site to resurrect theirs, which worked but somehow it’s now relocated at instead), but unfortunately, I also accidentally summoned a giant robot who called itself “Megatrolla”. That damn thing would have killed me if it weren’t for a “robotic” Shane McMahon who happened to come by and save my life! And this was the song that played while Shane-O-Trolla destroyed Megatrolla:


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