I Love You by Barney The Dinosaur

Mike’s daughter: Hi Kids, today we have yet another a special guest. And I don’t know why we invited him here, since he’s a little br…dear?!

Mike Check: Well I thought it’ll be good to have someone of their age here that the youngin’s could relate to there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter (*unenthusiastic*): Yes. So here’s Jake Lloyd Jr.

Jake Lloyd Jr.: Hi Mike and Mike’s Daughter. I’m here and I brought my friend Adam Driver Jr.

Mike’s daughter: Adam? Oh, I know you, isn’t your dad Adam Driver who plays Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars sequels…or as I like to call him “Emo Vader”?

Adam Driver Jr.: Hey, my dad’s not emo!?

Mike’s daughter: Whatever. So what’s our…?

Adam Driver Jr. (*interrupts*): Ha Ha! You have boo-bies!

Mike’s daughter: I know, Adam. I’m a girl…and OWW!…Stop snapping my bra strap, Jake, you little f…!

Jake Lloyd Jr.: Ooooh. You were going to say the “F” word.

Mike’s daughter: No, I wasn’t!

Adam Driver Jr.: Yes you were.

Mike’s daughter: No, I…LOOK, what’s the word for today boys?!

Jake Lloyd Jr.: Boobies! (*snaps Mike’s daughter bra again*)

Mike’s daughter: OWW…Jake! I said stop that!

Adam Driver Jr.: Ha Ha. Bras are for girls.

Mike’s daughter: I know, that’s because I AM a girl!…Now look at what you did! Now both of you turn around so I can adjust myself! (*The boys’ laughter quietens as they suddenly become smitten*) What?! Why are you both looking at me like that?

Jake Lloyd Jr.: “I Love You”…I mean? Why did I say that? Have I got cooties?

Adam Driver Jr.: I don’t know? But I’m feeling “The force” down below?

Jake Lloyd Jr.: I don’t think it’s the force? It’s the power of the “dark side”?

Adam Driver Jr.: Oh no?! Let’s run outta here! Aaaaagggghhh! (*the boys run away*)

Mike’s daughter: *sigh* Good. They’re gone. Why must he always annoy me?

Mike Check: They’re just teasin’ ya ’cause they kinda “love ya” there darlin’. Well, that reminds ole Mike of a song, it’s “I Love You” by Barney The Dinosaur, here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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