Everybody Loves A Clown by Gary Lewis and The Playboys

Mike’s daughter: Hi kids, it seems that we are lucky to have another WWE superstar as today’s guest. But, I’m not actually sure why this particular guest wanted to be here for our “kids” type show? But here’s WWE’s Rusev:

Theme: Roar Of The Lion by CFO$

Mike’s daughter: So what brings you here today Rusev?

Rusev: Well the kids need some entertainment, and that is my word for the day: “Entertainment”. And what better day to come here to entertain than on the greatest day in the world…Rusev Day!

Mike’s daughter: But I thought that “Rusev Day” wasn’t a thing anymore?

Rusev: Quiet! Just because the WWE doesn’t want it, it does not mean it is not a thing.

Mike’s daughter: Okay, okay, ah—

Mike Check: So, what entertainment do you have for the kids today there feller, I hope it doesn’t involve kicking ole Mike in the head again like you did last year?

Rusev: No. Don’t worry about that. Since my wife Lana refuses to bear me children right now, I’m just here I’m here to entertain your young listeners. But anyways, I have come with a traditional Bulgarian costume and I will perform a traditional Bulgarian balloon animal show…Hold on, let me go in other room to get ready.

Mike’s daughter: Okay. So while we’re waiting, dad why don’t you entertain the kids?

Mike Check: Uh? Well there…?

Mike’s daughter: Really dad? You usually can’t help yourself by rambling on and on but when I ask you to talk about something, you can’t think of anything to say?

Mike Check: Well it’s like that Brad Brakestown feller who—

Mike’s daughter: Never mind that dad, Rusev is back!

(*Rusev comes back out in a weird looking clown costume, holding some balloons*)

Rusev: Hi there you kids, It’s Rusev The Clown here to make some balloon animal for you—

Mike Check: Aaaahhhhhh! A clown! And this is the most scariest clown I’ve ever seen, let me tell you!

Rusev: But Mike. I’m not supposed to be scary clown…here, why don’t you help me make balloons (*Rusev goes up to Mike but Mike starts running around the room with Rusev chasing him*)

Mike Check: Go away clown! I hate clowns!

Rusev: But, Mike stop yourself. “Everybody Loves A Clown”?

Mike’s daughter: Wow? I have never seen my dad run that fast in my life? So, anyway…while my dad and Rusev The Clown are busy playing chase, why don’t we go to a song? It’s…”Everybody Loves A Clown” by Gary Lewis and The Playboys on the NEW Mike Check Show.

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