She’s A Lady by Tom Jones / Funkytown by Lipps Inc.

Disco Inferno: Mike, I’m going to give you one more chance to redeem yourself and let your mistake of playing “More Than A Woman” yesterday slide. I thought that, as you’re an experienced deejay, that you would know what plays best in my market and that wasn’t it.

Mike Check: Well I’m sorry there feller, it won’t happen again there, Brisco.

Disco Inferno: *sigh* It’s ‘Disco’, Mike! You must be suffering from some real bad dementia in your old age? That’s not surprise since you’re probably not able to reach any of the decent records or CD’s due to your arthritis.

Mike Check: Hey, I might me old there feller but—

Disco Inferno: You know what, playing an inappropriate song won’t happen again because I’m going to let the bimbo with the big melons over there to pick something song for me.

Mike’s daughter: Bimbo? Melons? Why you…!?!

Mike Check: Calm down there darlin’, that’s just the way we used to speak in the old days before all this political correctness mumbo jumbo of today. Just pick a nice song for the feller, okay (*winks*).

Mike’s daughter: Whatever. Oh yes, I have the perfect song for you Disco:

Disco Inferno: “She’s A Lady”? Are you implying that I’m a…that’s very disrespectful. And for that…you’re on the Disco list!

Mike Check: Hey, you can’t do that there Disco Ball?

Disco Inferno: I just did…and you know what…you’re on the list too Mike for trying to bury me by playing the wrong music and constantly getting my name wrong. And…that it, I’m not co-hosting this show anymore! I’m leaving! (*storms off through the front door*)

Mike Check: Fascinating. He left only after a few days?

Mike’s daughter: Yeah, Thank God! He’s probably hungry and hurrying off to a soup kitchen somewhere?

Mike Check: Weell, I’m not sure where he’s gone, but that square should head off to “Funkytown”, here on…THE MACKER!


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