More Than A Woman / Jive Talkin’ by Bee Gees

Mike’s daughter (*walks in the room*): Who the hell are you?

Disco Inferno: Disco Inferno. I’m co-hosting The Mike Check Show this month. And who might you be…wait? I know you? Didn’t you used to work over at Sapphires Gentleman’s Club over at Las Vegas?

Mike’s daughter: No? I think you’re mistaken?

Disco Inferno: No, I’d never forget a set of Triple D sized boobs like that? Weren’t you working as one of the strippers?

Mike’s daughter: No. I was a waitress.

Disco Inferno: No, you were definitely one of the dancers? I think I even had you fired because you refused to lose a couple of pounds?

Mike’s Daughter: No, because I’m not fat and I wasn’t a dancer! But, ah…didn’t I see you once with a cute transgender person handing out…?

Disco Inferno: No. Stop misleading your audience, that’s unprofessional and very disrespectful.

Mike Check (*interrupts*): Ah? Well it’s swell that you two have already met, but we’ve got no time to chat because we got to get to the song now feller.

Disco Inferno: That’s interesting? Whenever I’ve listened to your show, you’re the one who’s usually long winded and takes an hour to play a song?

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there, Discus?

Disco Inferno: Again; it’s “Disco”. You know, you make yourself sound like an imbecile every-time you get my name wrong? But since I’ll give you credit for being an expert D.J., I want you to play something by The Bee Gees that best describes me.

Mike Check: Ole Mike’s an imbecile huh? Weeeell, here’s a song that plays well in your market there feller?

Disco Inferno: Really? “More Than A Woman”, are you trying to imply that I’m a woman Mike?

Mike Check: Sorry there feller, but I thought that the title seems to fit you perfectly?

Disco Inferno: Well that’s very disrespectful. And I want you to pick another…no let me pick the song. Here’s a song about something that I do better than you anyway, and that’s “Jive Talkin'”

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