Nightmare by Dale Oliver

Zombie Nathaniel: Did ya know after Abyss’ match with Black Reign, he then teamed up with Rellik–BRAINS. This lead to a “Match of 10,000 Tacks” with Abyss and Raven teaming up to take then on at Turning Point 2007–BRAINS. Oh, and did ya know Rellik is “Killer” spelt backwards–BRAINS? Isn’t that clever? Rellik is Killer backwards, I bet ya didn’t know that–BRAINS?!

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t freakin’ care! Why don’t you just eat my brains now so I can die already! I think I liked you better a couple of weeks ago when you were only growled and said “Brains”. I’m tired of you this past week going on and on about TNA, and I’m tired of listening to these damn theme songs, and more importantly, tired of hearing these god damn Abyss facts for God sakes! I never thought that I’d ever quote Angry Jim but do you know what “Flesruoy Kcuf Og” spells backwards?!

Zombie Nathaniel: Brains? I’m not sure what…?

Mike Check: Uh, let’s just play this next song here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!

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