Ave Vampire by Dale Oliver

Zombie Nathaniel: Did ya know that in TNA: Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, “The Monster” Abyss’ mother shot his dad and he took the blame and went to prison to protect her–BRAINS? Father James Mitchell then bailed him out so Abyss had to obey him or else he’d report Abyss’ mother to the authorities–BRAINS. But eventually, Abyss turned on him by giving him the Blackhole Slam, so he later returned with Judas Mesias, who then feuded with Abyss–BRAINS? Apparently they were also half-brothers because Judas Mesias’ father was also James Mitchell, who kept his son a secret from him that whole time…

Mike’s Daughter: Wait. That story-line kinda sounds like a ripoff of Kane and The Undertaker in WWE where we found out that Taker’s manager Paul Bearer was Kane’s father…

Zombie Nathaniel: NO NO NO–BRAINS! It’s not the same thing because Abyss and Mesias had the same father, not mother–BRAINS!

Mike’s Daughter: It’s still a rip-off.

Zombie Nathaniel: I should rip-off your skull and eat your BBBRRRAAAIIINNNSSS!! *Zombie Nathaniel lunges at Mike Check’s daughter but the cage blocks him form making her into a tasty zombie treat*

Mike Check: Whoa there. Let’s all calm down and listen to this next song by Dale Oliver called “Ave Vampire” here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!

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