Down In The Catacombs by Dale Oliver

Zombie Nathaniel: I wanna request some songs Mike–BRAINS! But not just any dumb song that you usually play Mike, I wanna hear some that were produced by the greatest theme song composer in the world…Dale Oliver of TNA: Total Non Stop Action wrestling–BRAINS! I wanna hear the theme of my favorite TNA wrestler…THE Monster Abyss–BRAINS!

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I’m too familiar with this Dave Olive feller’s music but…

Zombie Nathaniel: But weren’t you once the TNA Correspondent on Wrestlecrap Radio Mike–BRAINS? How could you not even know who Dale Oliver is? That’s preposterous–BRAINS! I mean, I was also a TNA Correspondent and I know who he is–BRAINS! I guess (*snorts*) that made me a much better Correspondent than you Mike–BRAINS!

Mike’s Daughter: My dad might have been a terrible correspondent and a polarizing figure with the so called “12 listeners, but at least that meant that some people actually liked him and his boring rants. Unlike you who no one liked because you’re such a know-it all fanboy who still couldn’t even get laid by a dead corpse or worse! Dixie Carter! Oh, and speaking of Dixie, if you think that you’re as good of a TNA correspondent as you say you are then you would have known that Billy Corgan is currently suing her. And you can also add Bischoff and The Harris Twins to the list of…

Zombie Nathaniel: What?! No No No!–BRAINS! Lies! All Lies–BRAINS!

Mike Check: Now Now, you two. I just found the tune “Down in the Catacombs”, so let’s just sit, relax and listen to it here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!!

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