Devil Inside by INXS

Mike Check: Who’s in the Mystery Box fellers? Could it be…

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupts*): Dad. I’ve been doing some snooping on the Internet and the rumor is that the thing that is in that box is a former character from Wrestlecrap Rad…(*Head starts spinning*)

Mike check…Hey what’s wrong with you there darlin’???

Mike’s Daughter (*speaks in a demonic voice*) No Mike. It is I, The Lord of darkness Sat…I mean; “STAN The Evil Troll Lord” here and I have possessed your daughter to tell you that it is not in fact me in that box. No, I’m much too busy possessing Tammy Sytch on social media sites and typing angry messages at Brooke Tessmacher. How dare she take selfies of herself while pregnant, how disgusting! What a horse-faced b…Ah, any way I have to go now…Oh, and worship the devil. (Mike’s daughter returns to normal*) Dad?! What just happened to me?!

Mike Check: I’m not sure? Perhaps this song by INXS might explain it, here on…HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY!!

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