Jump by Van Halen

Mike’s daughter: It seems that our “NEW” and terrible kids show format is now done with, so ‘The Mike Check Show’ is back to it’s terrible old self…just like my dad.

Mike Check: I don’t understand that particular reference there darlin’?

(*All of a sudden an alarm rings and balloons come flying from the ceiling*)

Mike’s Daughter: What the hell’s happening? Is Rusev The Clown back today?

Mike Check: I told you never to speak of that particular feller again there darlin’…but no. Ole Mike prepared these balloons to celebrate The Mike Check Show’s 3000th song!

Mike’s Daughter: That’s today? And to think, I didn’t even think we would even reach this far? So what is our 3000th song?

Mike Check: Weelll, who better than to introduce it than the very feller who sang it, it’s David Lee Roth from “Van Halen”!

David Lee Roth (*enters*): Hayyy Yeahhhhhh!

Mike Check: So what’s the song you have for us today there feller?

David Lee Roth: You know uhhh. I’ll tell ya all about it. OOOOhhh Yeahhhhh! I got no love.

Mike Check: No. That’s not it? I thought we were gonna play something from your band “Van Halen”?

David Lee Roth: Noooo.

Mike Check: I’m quite sure that’s we had discussed earlier there feller?

David Lee Roth: Goddammit baby! You know I ain’t lyin’ to ya, I’m gonna tell ya one tiiiiiimmme, Ahhhhh Yeahhhh!

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there feller?

David Lee Roth: Ohhh God I’m runnin’. Ahhhhh Yeahhhh! (*Jumps out Mike’s front window*)  Ohhh God! Ooohhhh!

Mike Check: Are you okay there feller? You just “Jumped” out my front window?

David Lee Roth: Awww Yeahhhh! I live my life like there’s no tomorrrroooowww! Yes I’m livin’ at a pace that kiiiilllsss!

Mike Check: Fascinating. Well “speaking of “Jumping”, Diamond Dave just demonstrated what he sang in his song: And that’s to go ahead and “Jump”, here on…THE MACKER!

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