Friday by Ice Cube

Mike Check: Weelll fellers! Today happens to be “Friday”! “Black” Friday in fact so–

Mike’s Daughter: No! Don’t play it!

Mike Check: Don’t worry there darlin, it’s not one of my golden oldies that you usually get bored with? It’s a more recent song called “Friday”–

Mike’s Daughter: That’s exactly what I’m afraid of–

Mike Check: And it’s by a feller who goes under the name “Ice Cube”.

Mike’s Daughter: …Oh, Good, You mentioned the words “Friday” and “Black” and I thought that you wanted to play that irritating song by Reb…(*interrupted by ominous music*)

(*Mike Check peeks out the window and panics. He quickly takes off his gold chain and watch and hides it under his chair*)

Mike’s Daughter: What’s wrong? I only see some guy riding a bike outside…and now he’s gone?

Mike Check: Phew. That was a relief there (*puts his gold chain and watch back on*).

Mike’s Daughter: Uh, dad? Where did you get that chain and…is that a Rolex watch, from anyway?

Mike Check: …Uh? At Black Friday sale once?…Yeah, that’s it.


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