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Friday by Ice Cube

Mike Check: Weelll fellers! Today happens to be “Friday”! “Black” Friday in fact so–

Mike’s Daughter: No! Don’t play it!

Mike Check: Don’t worry there darlin, it’s not one of my golden oldies that you usually get bored with? It’s a more recent song called “Friday”–

Mike’s Daughter: That’s exactly what I’m afraid of–

Mike Check: And it’s by a feller who goes under the name “Ice Cube”.

Mike’s Daughter: …Oh, Good, You mentioned the words “Friday” and “Black” and I thought that you wanted to play that irritating song by Reb…(*interrupted by ominous music*)

(*Mike Check peeks out the window and panics. He quickly takes off his gold chain and watch and hides it under his chair*)

Mike’s Daughter: What’s wrong? I only see some guy riding a bike outside…and now he’s gone?

Mike Check: Phew. That was a relief there (*puts his gold chain and watch back on*).

Mike’s Daughter: Uh, dad? Where did you get that chain and…is that a Rolex watch, from anyway?

Mike Check: …Uh? At Black Friday sale once?…Yeah, that’s it.

Shoppin’ From A To Z by Toni Basil

I still don’t know why my daughter is always so obsessed with gettin’ up early to go shopping and buying everything from “A to Z” this time of year? Maybe this Toni Basil song will answer that question?

Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics

My daughter has gone off to the mall at 4am in the morning for something called the “Black Friday” sale? I don’t know why she needs to go at such an ungodly hour, but she says that needs to replace her bed that’s broke? I don’t think that those Bed Inspector fellers that she invites each week are doing a good job in testing them properly, let me tell you. Anyway speaking of beds, this reminds ole Mike of one of RJ’s stories, from “WWCR: THE WHACKER!”, of the man at Kohl’s who decided to wait in line while sleeping on a bed and then shouted this soundbyte. But my question to that feller is, did you say that when you were awake or were you “Talking In Your Sleep”?…on THE MACKER!

Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk

Weeeeell, ole Mike has just appeared on RJ and Brad’s 9th Anniversary show and it reminded me of the time when RJ once told a story on THE WHACKER!, that also happened around this time of year for some reason, about a feller who waited in line at Circuit City for half an hour just for a free calculator. I don’t blame that feller because those whiz-bang inventions are expensive, let me tell you. So I’m dedicating today’s song to the “Calculator Man”, It’s “Pocket Calculator” by Kraftwerk here on THE MACKER!

Black Friday by Steely Dan

Can any of you fellers tell ole Mike why there are so many people at the Mall today?

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