Fly by Nickelback

Mike Check: Well fellers, ole Mike has received a request on KMCR to play a song by a new band called Pennyback?…Dimeback?…ah, no they’re called “Nickelback”. I’ve never heard of that particular band before but here’s, I guess, their new hit; it’s –

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! NO! Remember the time when I was mad at you for playing “The Macarena” and the times you constantly played “Monster Mash” and “Halloween Spooks”? Well…let’s just put it this way; playing any crap from “Nickleback” doesn’t not play well in our market!

Mike Check: Their number one fan Vlad Kruger requested that I play them; so –

Mike’s Daughter: But Nickelback sucks! *attempts to remove CD but Mike already hits the play button*

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. Here’s “Fly” by Nickelback here on THE MACKER!

Mike Check’s Daughter: AUGH! *storms upstairs*


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