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In Living Color by Heavy D and Eddie F / Finesse (Remix) by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, I know that my apparent “internship” was a failure but we need to play a brand new song today on The Mike Check Show. Oh and if Raging_Demons asks, this song was your idea? Okay?

Mike Check: Okay there darlin’…you’re talkin about that feller from! It’s your archive for all things RJ and Brad related! It may not be exciting as your ole buddy Mike Check in a helicopter or playin’ some golden tones over in your particular market, but—

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupts*): Yes dad! You don’t need to do the sponsorship thing today! But anyway, the song’s by Bruno Mars—

Mike Check: ‘Mars’? ‘Mars’? Why does that word remind me of something?

Mike’s Daughter: You’re probably thinking about the apparent Martian invasion that Doc Brown said was going to happen this year?

Mike Check: That’s right…oh no, I just hope that Doc does something with that time machine to stop our impending doom?

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah, he’s probably found a way to fix everything already…although if he did, would we be remembering it right now?…I don’t know…Anyway, speaking of going in a “time machine”, the music video of this song is a throwback of the show “In Living Color”, that was on all the way back to the 1990’s—

Mike Check: Oh, yes I remember that, but the 1990’s wasn’t that long ago darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Well the 90’s were like 20 or so years ago dad?

Mike Check: Fascinating. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, but in your case, time flew from the 1890s.

Mike Check: I might be old there darlin’ but ole Mike still has all the “Finesse” around here on…THE MACKER!

Torn Between Two Lovers by Mary MacGregor

Weell hello there fellers! Since my darlin’ daughter had some recent trouble with those fellers over at, and so Raggy_David doesn’t have me sent back to the slammer, we here at The Mike Check Show have arranged with his boss, Premier Blake, to have ole Mike gainfully employed as a sponsorship spokesman of their website over on RJ and Brad‘s latest progrem of WWCR, number #269.

So make sure to visit! It’s your archive for all things RJ and Brad related! It may not be exciting as your ole buddy Mike Check in a helicopter or playin’ some golden tones over in your particular market, but I guarantee you, straight from Premier Blake himself, that you’ll have a very…very…very…very…fascinating grand ole time over at…THE WHACKER!

Well now that ole Mike’s services are available to the highest bidder, this reminds me of the time I worked the Macon, Georgia market at several stations trying to find someone who’d to acquire my services. I did not work under my real name of Mike Check, I went under name “Bobby Peach”. And my sign off was always: “If you shave my peaches, you’ll see my cream”. Sadly that did not play well in that particular market and people got offended by it…I don’t know why? But anyway, seeing that there many people looking for my services, it makes me feel like I’m “Torn Between Two Lovers”, just like “Mary MacGregor” here on…THE MACKER!…brought to you courtesy of!

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Jillian Hall

Mike’s daughter: How many damn songs are left on this damn “Jingle With Jillian” Album?

Mike Check: There are 3 songs left there darlin.

Mike’s daughter: Only 3 more? Thank Heavens there are only 3? But that’s still 3 songs too much for me!

Mike Check: But RJ wants to hear the whole album and that Great Peepee—

Mike’s daughter: That’s Great Khali dad! You don’t want him to come back to choke-slam you again?!

Mike Check: Yes, and that’s also why we must play this darlin’. We must do it for our listeners.

Mike’s daughter: What?! The two that we have left?…(*Hears “You’ve got mail” notification on her computer*)…Wait, I have an email from…The Great Khali?! Let me translate…He says that you ‘must play the whole album or he’s he’ll comeback here to give you the Khali Chop’.

Mike Check: Hey?! Why does that feller want to attack me? I’m the one that’s actually willing to play his songs? But it’s fascinating that they even have emails over in India? I thought that they only owned elephants over there?!

Mike’s daughter: Dad!!! You can’t say…(*Hears another “You’ve got mail” notification on her computer*)…Great dad! He’s sent us another email!

Mike Check: What’s it say there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: Ah…I don’t think I’m allowed to say what he wrote on the air?

Mike Check: Oh, well then I better play “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” by Jillian Hall before he comes home to choke-slam me or something?

Jingle Bell Rock by Jillian Hall

Mike’s Daughter: I can’t believe that we have to play “Jingle With Jillian” for the rest of the week!

Mike Check: Not exactly Darlin’ That thingmajig said “We have to play it.” We played it and now we can move on.

Mike’s Daughter: Really Dad?!? *phone rings* Oh God Thanks! *phone rings* Jillian’s Hall music is real–

Mike Check: KMCR Radio?

RD Reynolds: It’s Your Old Buddy And Old Pal RD Reynolds here ONCE AGAIN..Well not really once again but did I just hear “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Jillian Hall from the Christmas CD “Jingle With Jillian?!?

Mike Check: Why yes I did play it there RJ! By the way is WWCR back on–

RD Reynolds: That’s my favorite Christmas CD of all time! Could you play “Jingle Bell Rock” along with the rest of the songs on the CD for the remaining week? Thanks! Bye! *phone click*

Mike Check: Darlin’, Bad News.

Mike’s Daughter: We’re playing the rest of the album for the week.

Mike Check: RJ was on the phone and he wants us to play the CD for the rest of the week. Its his favorite Christmas CD.

Mike’s Daughter: EEERRAAAWW!!! *grabs a bunch of dishes and throws them to the floor* DAMN!-DAMN!-DAMN! Woo!

Mike Check: That sounded like a former co-worker I had worked with on WWCR radio.

To Hell With The Devil by Stryper

Mike Check: Mike Check: Gosh darn it feller. You pulled out an AC/DC song as your first song yesterday? That’s gonna be hard to top.

STAN: Yes. As you know and as you’ll hear this month, I have written many of music’s greatest hits and possessed the bodies of many rock stars to perform them. It’s all part of my plan for world domination you see.

Mike Daughter: Okay? So when’s this “world domination” actually going to happen then?

STAN: Look, it’s a slow process, okay.

Mike Check: Well feller. You talk like you had invented Rock N’ Roll, or Heavy Metal, or whatever the kids are calling it these days? But ole Mike remembers some classics that I played from the time I worked the Mississippi market at Christian Rock station WGOD 93. Although ole mike was fired for accidentally playing Iron Maiden

STAN (*interrupts*): Yes. Ha Ha Ha. Did you know that it was me that possessed you all those years ago to do that?

Mike Check: Must you interrupt me like RJ and Brad do over on THE Whacker? Anyway, as I was saying, the song that I was supposed to play was a hit by Christian rock band Stryper. And today I will play that correct tune which is appropriately titled; “To Hell With The Devil” here on…”6 Years Of Whackin”!

STAN: There always had to be a party pooper in the Metal world and it was Stryper.

Leave It by Yes

Mike’s Daughter: Dad I know we’re in big trouble with our finances as of late but people are messaging me like hell on Facebook asking if you had any connection with Lance Catamaran? Is that true?

Mike Check: Lance…Catamaran? Name doesn’t ring a bell Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Let me see if I can help. WWE recently found a lost VHS tape of a wrestling promotion called “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” and there’s this commentator named Lance Catamaran. Now Lance keeps repeating of a job that he had in Utica, New York as a newscaster. Does that help?

Mike Check: Hrm. Utica did you say?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes Utica.

Mike Check: I don’t remember any Lance Catmandu but I do remember working in the Utica Market. I stayed in the New York area after I was let go from WTKO in Ithaca, that’s where I did “The Bob & Weave Show” and one of the places I landed was a radio station in the Utica area. Shortly afterwards the radio station merged with a local Utica TV Station WUTR. I was doing my usual Sunday Information Radio show as there as Mike Check, one of the few times I actually used my given name and I thought I keep the name of the show somewhat regional because I thought it would play well in our market & I called it “Here’s Looking At YOU-tica Kid!”

*Mike’s Daughter groans*

Mike Check: Anyways since the TV People and the Radio people shared the same building and occasionally we would meet in the cafeteria to have breaks, lunches, and what not. Usually the TV people and the Radio people don’t really get along. The TV people were always so high and snooty because they can get seen and heard while calling Radio “TV for ugly people”. I showed a few of those TV people what Radio was for if you know what I mean there Darlin’! Funny thing was this weird kid just started off as a TV newscaster wanted to hang around me a lot to know the Radio business.

Mike’s Daughter: That must be Lance Catamaran!

Mike Check: No. The kid’s name was…Larry if I’m right?

Mike’s Daughter: Larry?!? That doesn’t sound like a news casting sort of name.

Mike Check: You starting to sound like RJ and Brad there always interrupting my stories there Darlin’. Larry asked all sorts of questions about the Radio business and I was slowly mentoring him in a way that Walter Cronkite mentored me. One day Larry came up to me asking advice how to get this particular filly so I gave him some advice.

Mike’s Daughter: So what happened next?

Mike Check: He never showed back to work again. I heard he was fired for harassing a filly, he kept muttering saying he wanted to do a “Buffalo Nickelback” on her. I’m not sure I understood that particular reference there. Its too bad he was gone; that kid wanted to partner up with me and expand my Sunday show to also cover the Buffalo and Springfield area, he wanted to call it The Buffalo-Springfield Hour or “The BS Hour” for short.

Mike’s Daughter: But Dad, “Larry” could possibly be Lance Catamaran?

Mike Check: Nah leave it there Darlin’. He could had change his name into someone else as far I know.

(Editor’s Note: Based on an idea by Sean Bateman)

Winner Takes It All by Sammy Hagar


Mike Check: Weeelll fellers, today marks our 2000th song here on The Mike Check Show. And I’d like to thank you the listeners for making that possible and, oh heck, why don’t I leave it to you the listeners to make a special request to mark the occasion.

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Hello KMCR, Mike Check speaking?

Kid’s Voice: OVER THE TOP DAD! (*phone hangs up*)

Mike Check: Huh? Oh shucks. Does ole Mike have another child he has to give money to?

Mike’s Daughter: No. I think (…I hope) that was the song request…

Mike Check: I’ve never heard of a song called “Over the Top Dad”, is it new?

Mike’s Daughter: No. But remember when RD and Blade from Wrestlecrap Radio used to make reference to that Sylvester Stallone movie “Over the Top”, and imitated that kid from the trailer.

Mike Check: I’m not sure I…

Mike’s Daughter: God! Just play “Winner Takes It All” by Sammy Hagar!

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