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Congratulations by Silvia Night


Irlande Douze Pointe by Dustin The Turkey

Push The Button by Teapacks

It’s My Life by Cezar

Wolves Of The Sea by Pirates Of The Sea

Aven Romale by

Euro Neuro by Rambo Amadeus

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: (*picks up phone*) Hello, KMCR, Mike Check speaking?

R.V.M Kai: It’s R.V.M Kai here and…

Mike’s Daughter (*overhears*): Don’t tell me that those nerds at are mad about our anniversary disaster, just like they whine to us about it every year? (*puts phone on speaker* )

R.V.M. Kai: I heard that! But no, I don’t care about that poor attempt at a kids show you both tried last month. But I’ll give you both credit, you must of did something right for Bray Wyatt, of all pepole, to rip off your idea?

Mike’s Daughter: Very funny. But, what do you want?

R.V.M. Kai: Not much. I just called to give some more Eurovision Song Contest requests, this year?

Mike Check: Weeelll, that’s…

R.V.M Kai (*cuts off Mike*): Sorry I don’t have time to listen to your rambling today, Mike. Since Angry Jim is now being handled by Conrad Thompson, I have been given the task of handling some guy who calls himself “The Wrestling By-Stander“. Basically, he comes up with some B.S. news that Internet wrestling fans might actually believe and posts them on Twitter. But I don’t even know if he even believes his own B.S. or not? I mean, he even claims that he has earned a Degree in Wrestling Journalism in Japan? If there is such a thing? Perhaps his lecturer was Angry Jim’s cousin? And then he also said that he has a popular newsletter, although I’ve never seen one or even a website for that matter, other than his Twitter account? I mean, I think this guy is either a genius or may be a bigger idiot than you, Iron Mark and Jim put together?

Mike Check: Fascinating. Weeelll…

R.V.M Kai: Anyway, I am in in a rush so don’t know if the songs that I’ve provided are terrible or not? See ya later (*hangs up phone*)

Mike Check: Weeelll there feller, ole Mike will be the judge of whether this week’s song will be terrible or not. So up first, here’s… “Euro Neuro” by Rambo Amadeus, here on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Yep, these are going to be terrible alright!

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