Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday the 13th) by Fozzy

Mike Check: Weell fellers! This next song was requested by a…Craig Jeranemo? Anyway, it’s titled “Paras…vedatra…I’m not sure how it’s pronounced so I’ll just call it…

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Oh no, I think it might be Sam calling as that crazy Pope feller predicted?

Mike’s Daughter: Stop it dad! Just get it, Sam…I mean “STAN” wouldn’t be using the phone to haunt you anyway?

Mike Check: Okay (*answers phone*). Hello KMCR, Mike Check Speaking? Is this Sam?

Chris Jericho: Sam?! Mike, you still can’t you get anything right you STUPID IDIOT?! You’re lucky that I’m not there in person to strangle you again?

Mike Check: Pardon me there feller, who is this?

Chris Jericho: You don’t remember me from back in May? I am, The Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla, The Highlight of the Night, The Best In The World At What I Do, Y2J, and the lead singer of Fozzy; Chris Jericho! And I’m calling to correct you…again because my name isn’t ‘Craig Jeranemo’ or ‘Sam’ or ‘Bob’ or ‘Larry’ or ‘Moe’ or even ‘Curly’! No, I have called to once again provide you with the correct pronunciation of the title to “the song of Jericho” which is; “Paraskavedekatriaphobia”. So Mike, why don’t you “CHECK IT IN, MAAAAAAAAN!”

Mike Check: Oh excuse me there feller, yes, you’re the singer of the “Fozzy Bears”?

Chris Jericho: I told you, I’m not from the Muppets and it’s just “Fozzy”, there’s no “bears”!…That’s it…You know what happens when a STUPID IDIOT like you, Mike Check, still can’t get my name, the name of my song, or even the name of my band right?! You know what happens?!

Mike Check: No, I’m not….


Mike Check: Again? I’m still not sure that I understand that particular reference there feller?

Chris Jericho: (*sigh*) Maybe you didn’t get that reference Mike, but don’t worry about Friday The 13th because next Friday, you will get…”IT”!

Mike Check: What in Sam Hill is “IT”? (*phone hangs up on Mike*) Fascinating.


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