The Way It Was (Feat. Bionik) by Aceyalone


Party Hard by Andrew W.K.

Never Wanted To Dance by Mindless Self Indulgence

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, I have just received this mix-tape in the mail from Raging_Demons?

Mike Check: From Raggy_David eh? Is it a BASF or a Maxell?

Mike’s Daughter: What’s the difference?

Mike Check: Weell, many things, like…

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t care!…(*Notices a note attached*) Wait, there’s a note…it says:

Words of Raging_Demons: “Dear Mike, assuming that The Honky Tonk Mailman delivered this tape, you would probably be reading this note about 6 months late. Anyway, James Gunn revealed an unofficial “Awesome Mix” he dubbed “Awesome Mix Vol.0” . Now these songs were songs that he played on the set of the first “Guardians Of The Galaxy” set to make filming more positive and upbeat. Most of these songs are kind of too current for you to find Mike so I sent you this mix-tape to play so you don’t screw this up.”

Mike’s Daughter: More requests from those dweebs at Well, at least the song list is better than most things you play dad.

Mike Check: That’s ridiculous there darlin’, but if this tape plays well in this market then so be it…so first here’s…”Never Wanted To Dance” by Mindless Self Indulgence, never heard of it, here on…THE MACKER!

Hot Hot Hot by Arrow

Getta Bloomin’ Move On! (Self Preservation Society) by Quincy Jones feat. Michael Caine And The Lads

Living in America by James Brown

Happy Independence day there fellers!

WKRP In Cincinnati Main Theme by Steve Carlisle

Mike Check: That was the “WKRP In Cincinnati” Theme by Steve Carlisle, here on…THE MACKER! Which was the theme tune of a fictional TV progrem about a fictional radio station. You know fellers, this reminds me…did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the Cincinnati, Ohio market?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, actually you did.

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. Where was I…Oh, back in those days they used to do situational comedies on the radio just like they do on TV today and I was asked to be on another progrem on; WEBN: “Spider 103”, to do the radio version of Mr. Belvedere. Not only was I apart of the program but I was also asked to voice the main character of Mr. Belvedere. Unfortunately, my stint as Mr. Belvedere did not last as the listeners did not like my portrayal and felt that my English accent was not quite up to snuff? I didn’t understand why they felt that way? I thought I did that impersonation quite well?

Mike’s Daughter: Well why don’t you do the impersonation now and let the listeners of The Mike Check Show be the judge?

Mike Check: Okay darlin’, here it is…ahem; (*doesn’t bother to change his accent*) “Gore bligh me Wesley! Why aren’t you eatin’ your Fish and Chips?”…Well what did you think of that impersonation?

Mike’s Daughter: That was terrible.

Mike Check: I still think it was quite good, although the station, like you, were harsh critics. So they decided to replace me with some greenhorn called “Heineken” or something?

Mike’s Daughter: You mean, Sir Alec from Wrestlecrap Radio?

Mike Check: I’m not sure who you’re referring to?

Mike’s Daughter: Didn’t you once co-host “The Shepard’s Pie Show” with him on the BBC?

Mike Check: You mean that greenhorn took another job I was fired from?!…Fascinating.

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