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Mike Check’s Daughter: Dad. Why isn’t there a song there to play today?

Mike Check: Darlin’ I AM playing a song today.

Mike Check’s Daughter: Today I keep seeing a 404 message on my computer screen.

Mike Check: Today’s song is called 404 by Ram Jam Darlin’

Mike Check’s Daughter: DAD! On the internet a 404 means that they can’t find that particular webpage on line. SO today you just chased off a whole bunch of fans!

Mike Check: Uh…how about I change today’s song to 418 instead?

Mike Check’s Daughter: Also 404 means that you also told the world how clueless you are.

Mike Check: Uh…

Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By.


A message from R.V.M Kai:

The Mike Check Show will remain off the air until I sort out some legal issues. Thank You.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By.


Sorry fellers. We hope to have The Mike Check Show’s “Four years of Whackin” month, along with our special guest co-host “Angry Jim”, back on the air tomorrow. Today’s song got us into some darn trouble let me tell you. My daughter, who’s one hell of a whiz-kid, is having a private meeting in the other room with our lawyers…don’t know why their taking so long or why she’s keeps shouting “Oh God!”? She must be really be begging in there?

RIP: The Mike Check Show (2011-2014)?


The Mike Check Show has now moved…


Hello fellers! The Mike Check Show has moved to its new home at:


So make sure you tune in there Tomorrow!

An Important Message from Mike Check

Not again!…Hello fellers! The Mike Check Show seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties due to yet another fire. And NO, “we didn’t start the fire”…a little Billy Joel reference there [*crickets chirping*].

And what bad timing! We have been celebrating our 2nd Anniversary with songs from RJ and Brad’s Show: “The Whacker” (and from my short lived 2009 website of the same name, that met it’s demise in a fire…what a co-incidence!). However my daughter, who I tell you is one hell of a whiz-kid, has moved the show to a temporary (or maybe permanent?) home at

[Edit: August 2013: Mike Check has found a permanent new home at A full archive can be found here at: ]

So please enjoy the Song Of The Day: “Jackie Blue by Ozark Mountain Daredevils“, here on “The Whacker”.

 And that reminds me of another thing. Ole Mike is also looking for a new nickname for his show. Due to some legal red-tape, my Lawyers seem to frown upon me using the name “The Whacker!”. I’m also trying to register a call sign like “WWCR”. Friends of the show; Raging_Demons and R.V.M. Kai have suggested some names like: “The Checker!” and “The Maraca!” A possible call sign could be KMCS? So if you have any ideas, you can send me a message on this Tweeter thing or leave one in the little comment box below.

Mike Check’s Prize Closet

Well, my daughter has finally thrown her deadbeat son out of her house and needs to get rid of his stuff to set up a sewing room. I took a few boxes off her hands and put them in the closet next to all my fishing equipment and bowie knife collection.

I don’t even know what most of these things are, but I’m giving them away to the winners of various contests that will be held in the coming months, so keep your ears tuned to the Mike Check frequency.


Blink 182 (5)

Butthole Surfers (9)

The Dickies (5)

Green Day (7)

Kottonmouth Kings (5)

Social Distortion (3)

Sum 41 (4)


Aqua Teen Hunger Force, volumes 1-5

Dr. Katz, the complete series

Family Guy, volumes 1-5

Homicide: Life on the Street, seasons 1-4

The Kids in the Hall, seasons 1-3

Married with Children, seasons 1-7

Popular, seasons 1-2 and
Grosse Pointe, the complete series

SeaLab 2021, volumes 1-4

The Simpsons, seasons 1-10

SNL, season 1

Viva La Bam, seasons 1-5

Prize Packs


Sifl & Olly / Wonder Showzen

Titus / Action

Terrible movies

Terrible music

’80s CDs

’90s CDs

Absolutely MAD, the first 53 years

Yes, they’re all used.
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