Halloween Spooks by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross

Mike Check: Happy Halloween from The Mike Check Show fellers here at KMCR!

*Mike Check finds a white envelope on his radio equipment. Mike Check opens the envelope and reads the two letters contained in it*

Mike Check: DARLIN’!

*Mike Check’s Daughter comes out of her room as a sexy mime.

Mike Check: What are you dressed at?!

Mike’s Daughter: I’m a sexy mime for work. What’s going on?

Mike Check: I feel good, people liked this year’s Halloween Hootenanny so I decided to keep it for next year. I found this! *waving the envelope*

*Mike Check’s Daughter reads the letters*

Mike’s Daughter: OH, YOU’RE KIDDING ME?! This letter is from Cody Rhodes saying that you owe him $100,00 for the services that Dusty Rhodes did for you and you NEVER PAID A DIME?!

Mike Check: Well Dusty’s cuts of meats were pretty lousy and he made me that lamp and it never works.

Mike’s Daughter: I. I. *facepalms herself* AH! My Makeup! *rushes back to her room*

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