Climate Mash by Bobby Pickett

Mike Check (*at his front door talking to a trick or treater*): And there you go, whatever you are? *drops bag of candy in a bag* Happy Halloween! *closes door* Darlin’, I have a question for you!

Mike’s Daughter: What?

Mike Check: What’s this “climate change” the fellers on the news keep talkin’ about?

Mike Check: Well…climate change is basically a shift in worldwide weather phenomena associated with an increase in global average temperatures.

Mike Check: Huh?

Mike’s Daughter: It means the weather is changing to a point where its getting hotter in the world.

Mike Check: Oh. Well you see there was this little girl outside and said she was dressed as climate change.

Mike’s Daughter: ??? Now how do you dress as that?

Mike Check: It was weird for sure. But I do have a song about it though and it’s by Bobby Pickett.

Mike’s Daughter (*ironically*): The Monster Mash guy? Oh! This will be good!

Mike Check: Not the “Monster Mash”, its the “Climate Mash” here on…Halloween Hootenanny!

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