The Invader by The Space Walkers

Mike Check: Well there Rowdy? So what’s your third Halloween Tip for these two Martian fellers?

Ghost Of Roddy Piper: Well now ya gonna go and knock on people’s doors that got lights, so you can see, and ya ain’t gonna go inside somebody’s house when they offer you candy, and close the door, you’re gonna stay on the door step and ya gonna say “Trick Or Treat” and your gonna say “Please and Thank ya”!

Mike’s Daughter: Okay, why don’t you try that house across from ours, with a light on, by the way.

(*Checkdar and Jimdar knock on neighbor’s door*)

“Neighbor”: Hello?

Checkdar: Trick Or Treat and Please and Thank ya!

“Neighbor”: Oh, you’re saying thank you already, how polite? But aren’t you Martians a bit old to Trick Or Treat?

Jimdar: Wait, how did you know that we are Martians?! (*points his ray gun*)

“Neighbor”: Well ain’t that your costumes?

Jimdar: Oh, affirmative! We are wearing Martian costumes, as that is the correct custom for Halloween!

Checkdar: Actually, we have traveled all the way here to Earth—

Jimdar: Silence you nincompoop! (*to neighbor*) We have traveled to the United States Of America from France!

“Neighbor”: France, eh? Well Bonjour—

Jimdar: What did you say?! Is that a colorful metaphor?! (*points his ray gun again*) Go Kcuf yourself!

“Neighbor”: No. Doesn’t it mean hello, in your language?

Jimdar: Enough with the “small talk”, hand over the confectionery, you call candy, now! Or I will burn your lawn!

“Neighbor” (*gets scared, slams the door shut and shouts through the door*): You “Invaders” better go away, or I’m calling the cops!

Checkdar: But? What was it that we did incorrectly?

Mike’s daughter (*sighs and shouts from afar*): Everything!

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