Little Green Men by Steve Vai

Mike Check: Darlin’, you had promised to bring along a special guest to teach these two Martians about Trick Or Treating for Halloween?

Mike’s Daughter: Wait just a minute, I need to summon him using the Seancetrolla…Okay here it goes…”Rowdy Roddy…Rowdy Roddy…Rowdy Roddy”.

Ghost of “Rowdy Roddy Piper”: (*appears*) I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all outta bubblegum! (*sees the two Martians; Checkdar and Jimdar*) You again!? Never throw stones at a man with a machine gun (*points shotgun at the Martians*)

Jimdar: You call that a gun?! THIS is a gun! (*points his Ray gun at Piper*)

Mike Check: Fellers! Fellers! Stop this! (*to Piper*) Roddy, these are the good Martians, not the Mazis that you were shooting at two years ago!…Although I’m not sure where I classify Jimdar?

Jimdar: Go Kcuf yourself, Mike Check’s daughter! Remember, I saved your posterior from that runt you call Damien, offspring of Stan, about 18 of your earth months ago!

Mike’s Daughter: Okay, Okay. Sorry, but I summoned Roddy Piper here for him teach you guys his Halloween Tips. So put your guns down.

Piper: Okay, so you want me to teach these “Little Green Men” about Trick Or treatin’?

Jimdar: I should use my boot to kick you in your posterior for making another untrue reference concerning my size?!

Piper: Ya know, this Jimdar guy is one nasty S.O.B…I think I like him already?! So okay, you know there’s a couple of rules you follow when it comes to Halloween, and these are the rules and ya gonna follow them cause Hot Rod said so.

Checkdar: Affirmative. Let, me write this down…

Jimdar: You don’t need to write this down you nincompoop!

Mike’s Daughter: Jimdar!…(*to Piper*) Go on Roddy.

Piper: Where was I? Oh first of all, when you go out there, you’re gonna wear something neon cause its dark!

Checkdar: Well that’s not a sufficient a tip, we are already neon green?

Jimdar: Neon is a brighter shade of green you imbecile!

Mike’s Daughter (*sigh*): This is gonna be a long week?!

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