Damaged Soul by Black Sabbath

Rosemary: WE have to go back to The Undead Realm!

Mike’s Daughter: This is STAN that we’re talking about here? He could be tricking you?

Rosemary: What you call STAN WE do know that when my father gets involved into something it tends go horribly wrong! Maybe WE can find a clue there.

*Rosemary throws the front door open and stands in her way is what looks like a drunken man that is dressed like The Pope, better known as The Anti-Pope*

Mike’s Daughter: AW! It that crazy drunk guy again!

The “Anti-Pope”: Mike Check!!! I have returned upon the prophecy written that the dead will rise again!

Mike Check: Is it the good dead, like my pet zombie Nathaniel, or the bad dead like that Su Yung?

Mike’s Daughter: Zombie Nathaniel wasn’t your pet zombie Dad!

The “Anti-Pope”: Mike Check! The dead will rise again and this damaged soul *points to Rosemary* is the cause of it all!

Rosemary: WE will be not doing anything like that!

Mike’s Daughter: Well except for raising Allie from the dead thing.

The “Anti-Pope”: She will be the death of us all!

Rosemary: Get out of OUR way old man or else you be screaming in pain soon which will be music to our ears!

The “Anti-Pope”: NO! You must be stopped!

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