Creeping In My Soul by Cryoshell

Mike’s Daughter: Isn’t that a little bit extreme there?

Rosemary: No! WE need your help, NOW!

Mike’s Daughter: But my Dad is…well my dad and I’m–I’m–

Mike Check: What is that you need Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: What do I need?

Mike Check: I mean Rosiemarie, Darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Oh. I mean did you say something before or…?

Rosemary: Enough! WE are trying to correct a mistake. Since Su Yung killed OUR precious Bunny–

Mike Check: So that’s why she never showed up earlier. I thought she–

Mike’s Daughter: I was trying to tell you Dad but then Nikki Cross made a surprise entrance and–

Rosemary: ENOUGH! *groans loudly* WE don’t know why we came here?! Ever since Bunny’s death, there’s been something creeping in our soul telling US that something isn’t right! WE’VE been trying to fix that ever since!

Mike Check: One question Rosemary. How is Egg Foo Young still alive?!

Rosemary: WE don’t know what you said is either completely racist or completely senile?!

Mike’s Daughter: With my Dad it could be both.

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