Sugartime by Kitty Wells

Mike’s daughter: Well hello kids. The word of today is “nutrition” and today’s guest to talk to us all about good nutrition is…dad? This can’t be right? I thought that I told you to book DDP from DDP Yoga, not…her?

Mike Check: Sorry there darlin’, but that DPP feller was busy so I booked another guest who’s first name started with the letter “D”, I think her name is Daisy something?

Mike’s daughter: No. Her name is Dixie…(*interrupted by earthquake like tremors entering to room*).

Dixie: Why hello there sugah. It’s lil’ ole me Dixie here (*slurps down a tub of ice cream*).

Mike’s daughter: Dixie? So you of all people are going to talk to us and the kids at home about “nutrition”? Really? I mean, ever since you sold Impact Wrestling to Anthem, you had developed an ice cream addiction, and ice cream is “sometimes food”.

Dixie: That’s right there sugah. I sometimes eat ice cream in the morning, I sometimes eat ice cream for lunch, I sometimes eat ice cream for dinner—

Mike’s daughter: Okay, we get the point. But ice cream is not nutritional, like say; vegetables—

Dixie: But sugah? Ice cream is made from Milk, and all the youngin’s know that Milk is good for you, it makes your bones strong.

Mike’s daughter: Yes, but it also contains a lot of sugar—

Dixie: Did you just say sugah, sugah? You don’t happen to have some for lil’ ole me to borrow do ya, sugah?

Mike’s daughter: I don’t think that’s—

Dixie: (*In demonic type voice*) Now!

Mike’s daughter: Okay, Okay (*Mike daughter goes to the kitchen to get a container of sugar and brings it to Dixie*)

Dixie: Gimme Gimme Gimme (*Dixie chugs down the whole container of sugar in one gulp*)

Mike Check: Well, there Daisy, it seems that our word of the day has switched to “sugar”, well speaking of “sugar”, here’s a song called “Sugartime” by Kitty Wells, that seem quite appropriate here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

Mike’s daughter: (*sigh*).

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