BBQ Song by Maple Leaf Learning

*knock at the door*

Mike Check: There’s a knock at the front door? I wonder if we have a special guest today?

Mike’s Daughter: Oh, I’m so excited, let’s see who it is? (*opens front door and Angry Jim is standing there*)

[Theme: “Boomer Sooner” by The Pride of Oklahoma ’98]

Angry Jim: How ya doin’ tonight Mike and daughter…do I really have to do this sh—-?!

Mike’s Daughter:JIIIMM! You promised to be good.

Angry Jim: Very well…Hey kids, I’m “Happy” Jim, Ha Ha Ha, and I’m here with the word of the day.

Mike Check: And what’s that there feller?

Angry Jim: The word of the day is F…I mean, it’s B.B.Q. Can you little f…dears spell B.B.Q.? I bet you can’t…I mean, can?

Mike Check: Ah? So what type of food do you B.B.Q there John?

Angry Jim (*sigh*): It’s Jim! And I like to B.B.Q some wieners after I put some of my rub on them…ya know, when I put on the rub, I like to imagine that Dark Journey’s rubbin’ my wi—-

Mike’s daughter: JIIIM! Using your imagination is a great, but uh, oh, BBQing is also great, but what goes better with wi…sausages is eating your healthy vegetables…right JIIM?

Angry Jim: What?!…Oh, yeah, I love vegetables, MMMM. But the problem is that a lot of kids don’t like eating their vegetables, so ya know what I do to make them taste real good?

Mike Check: What’s that there feller?

Angry Jim: My BBQ sauce. When you spread my BBQ sauce on your broccolii, it will taste just like my fine BBQ. Look, I just happen to have a piece of broccoli and my sauce with me now (*puts some sauce on a piece of broccoli*) would you like to try some, Mike’s daughter?

Mike’s Daughter (*hesitates and tries not to look disgusted*): MMMM that looks so yummy Jim. (*takes a bite*) Oh, that broccoli now tastes so good with your BBQ sauce, and I won’t even puke (*tries not to be nauseous*). I think I will go to the bathroom now, so do you have a song of the day today daddy? (*rushes upstairs and starts vomiting*)

Mike Check: Uh? Why thank ya for visiting us there John. Why don’t I play “The BBQ Song” here on “The New Mike Check Show”!

Angry Jim: I told ya, it’s JIIIMMM! And you can go fu….I mean, Bye Kids!

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