The Bunny Hop by Ray Anthony

Mike Check: It’s Easter today there youngins’ and what a better way to celebrate the Easter Bunny bringing ya’ll them there chocolate eggs, is by inviting “The Bunny” herself; our TNA guest Audrey to do the “Bunny Hop” here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

Mike’s Daughter Uh? “Allie” isn’t coming since she was kinda possessed by Su Yung’s demonic spell and then was ki…(*screams*): Who’s that? (*points at front window*)

Mike Check: What’s…Who the heck are you there?

Theme: Glasgow Cross by CFO$

Nikki Cross (*climbs into Mike’s house through the open window*): Nikki wants to play. Do ya want to play with Nikki, Mike? The word of the day is “play”.

Mike Check: Look there? You maybe just a filly, but you’re scaring ole Mike right now.

Nikki Cross: Nikki doesn’t want to scare Mike, Nikki wants to play with Mike and do the “Bunny Hop”.

Mike’s Daughter: Huh? You want to dance “The Bunny Hop” with my dad?

Nikki Cross: Yes, Nikki will get great joy on Easter.

Mike’s Daughter: You do realize that my dad is a frail old man. I’m not sure if he could even…?

Mike Check: Darlin’, Mike Check was once “Bunny Hop” Champion as a youngin’, so I think I could still pull this off there darlin’?

Nikki Cross: Yes. Nikki gets to play with Mike. Mike and Nikki can do the Bunny Hop now?

Mike’s daughter: No dad! Don’t! Besides, you’re still recovering from Bayley elbow dropping you repeatedly the other day?

Mike Check: Don’t worry there darlin’, ole Mike’s been doin’ a lot of stretching to prepare for this. (*Mike starts doing the Bunny hop with Nikki*) Ow! My back!

Nikki Cross: Oh no, Naughty Nikki. Mike’s hurt (*slaps herself on the head and runs away*).

Mike’s daughter: I told you, dad. (*sigh*) Happy Easter, kids.

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