Dream A Little Dream Of Me by The Mamas And The Papas

Mike’s Daughter: *Yawn*

Mike Check: Are you tired there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes dad. I’m feeling a little sleepy. And you know, kids, what we do after we go to sleep?

Mike Check: Dream?

Mike Daughter: Yes dad, that’s right. And Dream is our word for today. It’s the nice little pictures in your mind after you drift off. So why don’t you kids close your eyes, go to sleep, and have a nice dream so my dad and I can have a longer coffee break today?

Mike Check: Coffee? I hope it’s not one of your brews darlin’, because that’ll give ole Mike “bad dreams”. But anyway, I know the perfect old song for the youngin’s to have some nice dreams to?

Mike Daughter: It better not be RD and Blade’s “Dream analysis” music? because that type of segment may not be appropriate?

Mike Check: No. It’s “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” by The Mamas And The Papas, here on THE—

Mike Daughter: Shhh Dad. Speak quieter.

Mike Check (*whispers*): Oh, The NEW Mike Check Show.

Mike Check: Are you youngin’s asleep yet?

Mike’s daughter: Maybe not? I’m still awake dad?…Oh? I have the perfect thing to watch when I’m having trouble sleeping?

Mike Check: What’s that there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: This man:

(*Mike’s Daughter dozes off*)

Mike Check: Darlin’, wake up.

Mike’s Daughter (*in dream state*): No! No! Not another boring Corbin match…(*wakes up*) Huh? What? I just had a “nightmare”? What was I saying?…Oh, on second thought, you kids better stick to the song my dad played instead.

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