What’s Up? / For Little Jimmy by Ron “R-Truth” Killings

Mike’s Daughter: Hi kids. We have invited another special guest for today…and hopefully this one actually shows up? Uh, anyway today’s guest is another WWE Superstar who has only just visited us recently with his friend Carmella. But now he has returned on his own to rap for us. So let’s hear it for: R-Truth!

R-Truth: Mike Check Show! What’s Up!…(*waits for response*)…really? nothin’?

Mike Check: We don’t have a live studio audience here A-Tooth?

R-Truth: Oh? My bad. But Mike, my name is R-Truth; first name “R”, last name “Truth”.

Mike Check: Well. Excuse me there feller—

R-Truth: Wait, hold on. You just called me feller again? Are you sure you’re not related to Sheamus?

Mike Check: Who’s this Sheamus feller?

R-Truth: Y’all should know him? He’s a tall Irish guy, and his skin is white as a ghost.

Mike Check: Oh, you’re referring to that feller who gives us Halloween tips every year?

R-Truth: Halloween Tips? Sheamus never gave me no Halloween Tips?

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t think we’re all talking about the same person…but oh, where’s your mixed tag-team partner Carmella?

R-Truth: Oh, she didn’t want to come after Mike called her a horse last time. And she also said; don’t do any dance breaks on there, either…(*shakes head*) What where you thinking, dawg?

Mike Check: I didn’t in fact call her a horse, I said—

Mike’s daughter: Guys. Can we talk about what our word of the day is?

R-Truth: Oh yes, because there are a lot of Little Jimmys watching us right now, our word for the day is “Little Jimmy”.

Mike’s daughter: Well actually that’s two words, but who’s counting?

Mike Check: And I’m also not sure I understand that reference there feller?

R-Truth: Oh? You don’t see him? Little Jimmy’s right here next to me?

Mike’s daughter: Truth? There’s no one standing next to you?

R-Truth: That’s because, Mike’s daughter, you can’t see him, because you don’t believe in Little Jimmy. Just like you don’t believe in the Boogeyman, but the Boogeyman is real.

Mike Check: That’s a good point there feller, however, ole Mike doesn’t see Little Jerry either?

R-Truth: That’s because he’s Little Jimmy, not Little Jerry?

Mike’s Daughter: Okay. Okay. This conversation is going nowhere, so why don’t you do another rap for us Truth, how about something to do with “Little Jimmy”?

R-Truth: Okay, this right here is “For Little Jimmy” here on The Mike Check Show!

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