Waitin’ For The Postman by Syreeta

Mike’s Daughter: Mike’s Daughter: Hi kids, we have some awesome news because we have a special guest for The NEW Mike Check Show today and we will be inviting many more to share their word of the day with my dad and myself. (*under her breath*) Well any word by anyone else will be better than anything that my dad has come up with*…Uh, anyway, today’s guest is a special one because he does a special job. Can you tell our listeners what that job is dad?

Mike Check: Well youngins, today’s guest works for the U.S. Postal Service as a mailman. Do you youngin’s know what a mailman does? (*pauses*) He delivers letters and parcels to your home.

Mike’s Daughter: That’s right dad. It’s like sending an email or text message on your parents cell phone, except the messages are written on a piece of paper and an actual person carries it to your mailbox. I like to call it “snail mail”, because the time it takes to receive the letter from your friend feels like it’s as slow as a snail travels.

Mike Check: “Snail Mail”? In my day, it was just called “mail”. These youngin’s today all want everything on the spot, let me tell you, with their thingambob telephones with them there Celeron chips in them. Actually when ole Mike was a little youngin myself, my daddy couldn’t even afford postage stamps, so he would shoot down pigeons with a tranquilizer gun and, when they woke up, he’d use them to send out our telegrams.

Mike’s Daughter: That’s really “fascinating” dad…not really…But I think I hear our guest just arriving outside in his pink Cadillac? Kids, it’s The USPS’s 2019 Hall of Famer: The Honkytonk Mailman!

(*No one shows up*)

Mike’s Daughter: Maybe he’s running late? Okay, here’s The Honkytonk Mailman!

(*still no one shows up*)

Mike’s Daughter: It seems that Honkytonk Mailman maybe busy today? I think our word for today is “no-show”.

Mike Check: Well while we’re “Waitin’ For The Postman”, here’s Syreeta with a song here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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