Bird’s The Word by The Rivingtons / Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen

Mike’s daughter: Hi Kids, I hope you didn’t find yesterday’s song annoying as I did? Hopefully today we will have a new “word” of the day? Maybe I’ll find on one of the news sites on my computer?

Mike Check: Well darlin’. So are you lookin’ for a word for today on your computer there?

Mike’s daughter: That’s what I just said, dad.

Mike Check (*looks at screen*): Hmmm, that’s peculiar? I’m lookin’ at the news headlines and I see an absence of a mass awareness of a certain avian variety there?

Mike’s daughter: What the hel…I mean…what do you mean dad?

Mike Check: Oh have you not heard? Ole Mike understood the particular reference that everyone had heard? That the “Bird’s The Word”?

Mike’s daughter: Oh no! Don’t!

Mike’s daughter: Oh? Well I guess The Rivingtons’ original version is a little less annoying than the Trashmen’s cover, but can we stop with the repetition?

Mike Check: But the youngin’s love repetition. You used to watch all the same reruns as a youngin’ yourself.

Mike’s daughter: Yes but I think the kiddies, like me, are tired of listening to hearing about that certian “word”?

Mike Check: You mean this one?

Mike’s daughter: Aaaaghhh! (*takes out CD and starts smashing it with a baseball bat*)

Mike Check: What are you doin’ there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: The word for today is “smash”! (*continues to smash CD*)

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