Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen

Mike’s daughter: Hi kids! Today we have a new word of the day for you to learn. So dad, what is “the word” for today?

Mike Check: Oh, haven’t you heard there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: No? Because you haven’t told us yet?

Mike Check: Why not? Everybody’s talkin’ about it?

Mike’s daughter: Oh no. You haven’t been watching that episode of Family Guy have you?

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference there darlin’?

Mike daughter: The one where Peter Griffin is addicted to singing the song “Surfin’ Bird”…oh no!!!

Mike’s daughter: Thank God that annoying song is over…I mean…hey kids, I hope you enjoyed the song about our apparent word of the day which I guess is “Bird”

Mike Check: That’s right darlin’, the word is the “Bird”, here on The New Mike Check Show!

Mike’s daughter: No! Not again!

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