Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary

Mike’s daughter: Well since we learned one or two new words of the day yesterday thanks to The Hardy Boyz, from today onwards we are all going to learn a new word of the day on The NEW Mike Check Show.

Mike Check: I’m not sure there darlin’? Do you think Wookie Matt and his brother Zero meant for us to “copy” their idea?

Mike’s daughter: Copying? Everyone does it dad? I mean, look at Becky Lynch in WWE for example. She basically became the second coming of “Stone Cold” and got over big time.

Mike Check: Who’s Becky?

Mike’s daughter: Not “that” one.

Mike Check: Huh?

Mike’s daughter: Never mind dad, you wouldn’t get the joke anyway. So…uh. today we’re going to educate you kids with the word of the day which is “Magic”. Magic is something very special and it’s the belief in the power that you can do anything.

Mike Check: Are you sure that’s what it is there darlin?

Mike’s Daughter: I’m not good at this, give me a break…(*hears a knock at the front door*)…Oh, I think we have a visitor (*opens door and The Black Scorpion appears*)

Black Scorpion: Beware. Beware Mike Check. Beware my Black magic. I will demonstrate my power by making your daughter’s head spin around and round.

Mike’s Daughter: No. (*slams door in Black Scorpion’s face*). So do we have a song about “magic” dad?

Mike Check: Well there youngings! Here’s a song about a boy and his magical dragon who lives by the sea. It’s “Puff The Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul and Mary, here on—

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? Couldn’t you think of a better song about “magic”? I mean, this song may not even be appropriate?

Mike Check: Why wouldn’t it be there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Because the song is about po…I mean funny cigarettes that you kids should not ever use.

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there darlin’? The song was inspired by a children’s poem called “The Tale of Custard the Dragon.”

Mike’s Daughter: But…wait (*checks Google*)…Oh Dad you’re actually right for once.

Mike Check: See. Who said that The Mike Check Show couldn’t be educational?

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