ABC by The Jackson 5

Mike’s Daughter: Well after the disaster that the whole “numbers” thing turned out to be…ah well, let’s move on to some education about the alphabet. Do you know the letters of the alphabet kids?

Mike Check: I bet they do there darlin’. Because just like The Jackson 5 song says: “A,B,C, is as easy as 1,2,3”. You know, speaking of the Jackson 5, I’m not sure if you kids know him, but the lead singer of the group was Michael Jackson?

Mike’s Daughter: Uh, does this mean that you want to play something associated with Michael Jackson? Uh? We might get a lot of hate for playing anything by him right now?

Mike Check: Yes, but I’m not sure that I understand that “hate” reference there darlin’? Did I ever tell you fellers about the time I worked the Santa Barbara, California market for KPED: The Peddle! I worked on a youth music related station, kind of like what Radio Disney is today, which was named as such because it was named after the peddles of a tricycle, get it?

Mike’s Daughter: O-kay?

Mike Check: And even though it a kids song station, we used to even get requests from listeners of all ages. One such was the famous Michael Jackson who used to call from his bedroom all the time. And that feller was very kind to the youngin’s you know? You know that he used to invite—

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupts*) : Yes, “allegedly”. Okay dad, I think it’s “allegedly” time to play the song now?!

Mike Check: What? What did he do? Uh? Okay, well here’s “ABC” here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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