Revolution 9 by The Beatles

Mike’s Daughter: Well kids, it’s time to play a song today about the number nine…but my dad is still a little cranky with me?

Mike Check: Two Beatles song in a row? This is the most disrespectful thing a daughter could do to a father! Especially a poor old man like me.

Mike’s daughter: I’m sorry dad, but this is the song that was chosen for the number nine, which is today’s number.

Mike Check: You call this a song? It’s just a bunch of  hogwash with some British guy saying number 9 over and over again. Ole Mike could pull a better piece of noise out of my a…I mean…nostrils!

Mike’s daughter: Well, I don’t get it either but…ah, if you close your eyes kids, it feels just like you’re walking down the street listening to all the cars go by. Isn’t that fun?

Mike Check: No. It might be fun to Ringo because he sounds like the only feller who’d write such guff.

Mike’s daughter: Actually, it was Lennon and McCartney.

Mike Check: Who cares. But if we play this, do you promise that I pick the song tomorrow there for the number 10, and you can’t disagree with my choice.

Mike’s daughter: Okay, dad, if that makes you happy. But today, here’s “Revolution 9” by The Beatles, here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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