Eight Days A Week by The Beatles

Mike’s daughter: Hi Kids. Today we are going to play a song about the number eight. And you know what? Here at the NEW Mike Check Show, we work so hard, it feels like there is “Eight Days A Week”? But that is just a joke there kids, as there is really only seven days in a week. There Monday, that’s one. Tuesday, 2, Wednesday, 3. Thurday, 4. Friday, 5. Saturady, 6. And Sunday, that’s 7 days. (*looks over to Mike Check*) What’s wrong dad, why do you look like such a gloomy gus?

Mike Check: I’m not playin’ anything by a band with that hack of a drummer; Ringo Starr in it! No sir ree bob!

Mike’s daughter: But daddy, we had no other ideas for the number 8, so we have to play this today, okay.

Mike Check: Well, you were havin’ so much fun counting the days of the week before, why don’t we play the theme to “Happy Days”. Now that was a good show you youngins should watch there, it has this feller called The Fonz—

Mike’s Daughter: No dad, maybe some other time…and you promised to be good, so play it!

Mike Check: Fine. But don’t let that Ringo find out that we’re playin’ this or we’ll never hear the end of his darn gloating.

(*awkward silence*)

Mike’s Daughter: Sooooo, should I play it then?….Okay, well kids, here’s The Beatles with “8 Days A Week” here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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