Six Months In A Leaky Boat by Split Enz

Mike’s daughter: Hi Kids! Today we are going to learn all about the number after “five”…you know what that is kids?…That’s right, the number “six”. And dad, why are you nervously staring at the phone?

Mike Check: Well there darlin’, ole Mike’s nervous about a certain Happy Hawkeye calling the progrem and bothering me again?

Mike’s daughter: Dad. G…Happy Popeye hasn’t called the show since probably June 2017? And your encounter with that Martian version of him last year doesn’t count. But I don’t know why you think that he’d happen to call now all of a sudden?

Mike Check: Well there darlin’, today’s song, as you know, is about the number six. But it also references a “leaky boat” and usually when we play a song about boats or the sea, that annoying feller seems to call in.

Mike’s daughter: I wouldn’t worry dad…oh…and I just mentioned the month of the year called June. Did you know that’s the sixth month of the year? I mean, you have, January, that’s one, February, 2. March, 3. April, that’s the 4th month which we are in are now. And the next month is May, which makes 5. And then there’s June, again that makes, 6. Six months. And that G…I mean…Happy Popeye is a sailor, which means he’s probably been “Six Months In A Leaky Boat”?

Mike Check: You can say that again…just as long as it’s not in Mike Check’s “Split Enz”?

Mike’s daughter: Dad! There are children listening?

Mike Check: They won’t understand that particular reference there darlin’.

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