Take Five by Dave Brubeck Quartet

Mike’s daughter: Hey kids! I have exciting news! We have our very first special guest to help my dad and I to teach you all about the number “five”.

Mike Check: Special guest? Who might that be there darlin’?

Mike’s daughter: Well here’s here, all the way from Detroit…or Miami…I’m not sure anymore? It’s C.S. Robocop!

C.S Robocop: Hello children. I am C.S. Robocop and my Prime directive for today is to educate you children on the number “five”.

Mike’s daughter: So what is it about the number five you can tell us today, C.S. Robocop?

C.S Robocop: Well maam, I can tell you that I have shot five suspects today, I have taken another five criminals into custody and I also gave out five parking infringement fines on the way here.

Mike’s daughter: Oh that’s so fantastic C.S Robocop, so why don’t we—

C.S Robocop: Mike Check, you are under arrest for violating your parole.

Mike Check: But. But. I didn’t do nothing wrong there feller?

C.S Robocop: Either surrender yourself or I will shoot you.

Mike Check: But? But?

C.S Robocop (*takes out his gun*): You have Five Seconds to comply, You have Four Seconds to comply…three…two…one…

Mike’s daughter: No Don’t!

C.S Robocop: Ha ha ha ha…Ha ha ha ha…Ha Ha Ha Ha. I was just kidding Mike Check.

Mike’s daughter: That was not cool, C.S. Robocop! You would have scared all the kids away from listening to us?

C.S Robocop: I apologize, Mike’s Daughter, I was just demonstrating what it would be like to be confronted by me after committing a crime. Kids, don’t do it and stay in school.

Mike Check: Well, that’s okay there feller, but for a minute there you really had me fooled.

C.S Robocop: Well let’s just say (*puts on his sunglasses*) We won’t be fooled again…

Mike Check: Well on that note, We’ll just “Take Five” here on The New Mike Check Show!

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