Four by Little Jerry And The Monotones

Mike’s Daughter: Hi kids, today’s song is about the number four. And there are many things around us that have “4” of something. Like; There’s four legs on chair, there are four sides on a square. Uh, a car has four wheels, and a dog has four paws. And, let’s see what else, oh, there’s four seasons in a year. Do you know what they are kids?

Mike Check: I do there darlin’, it’s; Summer, Winter, The Fall, and mating season.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad!

Mike Check: Sorry there, I meant Spring.

Mike’s Daughter: That’s better…and don’t do that other thing that my dad said, it’s something that mommy and daddy animals do when they love each other very much to have baby animals.

Mike Check: You know there, speaking of the number “four”. If 2 sets of mommies and daddies loved each other, you could call that a “fourso—

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Stop it!…Oh, he’s such a silly billy…(*whispers angrily*) Let’s go to a song, Now dad!

Mike Check: Oh, well speaking of “4”, here’s “Four” by Little Jerry And The Monotones, here on The NEW Mike Check Show!

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